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Nordplus Adult  Mobility Project

Social Intergration of Disadvantaged People by Exploring
Nordic and  Baltic Myths and Legends

Project number NPAD-2013/10030
Semptember 1, 2013 – May 31, 2015
Project website http://nordplusmyths.edicy.co/

Coordinating organization:
Partner organizations:
Lihula School of Music and Art, EE
Naistoimittajat ry, FI
Limbazi Secondary School No 3 Structural Unit YAESS, LV
The Project promoted social integration of disadvantaged people by exploring Nordic and Baltic myths and legends, depiction of mythological heroes in all forms of the arts and everyday life, by getting deeper awareness of culture histories and national identities, by improving mother tongue, English language skills, and by developing ICT skills.
Learners became familiar with significance of myths and legends to the culture. Each partner  chose 12 myths on 4 themes: Gods and Goddesses, World Creation, Creation of Human Beings and Supernatural Heroes and other Mythological Creatures.
During transnational meetings seminars on mythology were organized. Participants from 4 countries compared and discussed  myths on the same theme, their coded meanings, tried to find similarities and differences

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