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How much ampicillin for uti

Ampicillin was the first broad spectrum penicillin with activity against gram-positive bacteria including streptococcus pneumoniae , streptococcus pyogenes , some isolates of staphylococcus aureus but not penicillin-resistant or methicillin-resistant strains , and some enterococcus.

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Us ampicillin and sulbactam injction until you inish th psciption, vn i you l btt. I you stop using ampicillin and sulbactam injction tosoon i you skip doss, you inction may not b compltly tatd and th bactia may bcom sistant tantibiotics.

Inctions th spiatoy Tact: Nonpnicillinas-poducing H. inlunza and staphylococci, and stptococci including stptococcus pnumonia .

Gastointstinal: glositis, stamatitis, nausa, vomiting, ntocolitis, psudommbanous colitis, and diaha. Ths actions a usually associatd with oal dosag oms th dugs.

Sious and occasional atal hypsnsitivity (anaphylactoid) actions hav bn potd in patints on pnicillin thapy. Although anaphylaxis is mqunt ollowing pantal administation, it has occud in patints on oal pnicillins. Ths actions a mapt toccu in individuals with a histoy at pnicillin hypsnsitivity and/a histoy snsitivity tmultipl allgns. Th hav bn wll documntd pots individuals with a histoy pnicillin hypsnsitivity whhav xpincd sv hypsnsitivity actions whn tatd with cphalospoins. Binitiating thapy with any pnicillin, caul inquiy should b mad concning pvious hypsnsitivity actions tpnicillins, cphalospoins, and oth allgns. I an allgic action occus, th dug should b discontinud and appopiat thapy institutd. Sious anaphylactoid actions qui immdiat mgncy tatmnt with pinphin. Oxygn, intavnous stoids, and aiway managmnt, including intubation, should alsb administd as indicatd.

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enterica serovar enteritidis were susceptible to ampicillin and were negative for bla tem.